3 Amateur Mistakes for Students Writing an essay

Why is an Essay Hard to Write?

The crafting of an essay is a process that takes a toll on a student. College students have a hard time crafting an essay due to their tight schedule. Creating time for study is a likewise hard task for an amateur. There are various activities that students choose to ignore, including:

  • Worrying
  • Reading
  • Failing to research
  • Talking
  • Numerous revision requests

Even though writing college essays is a technicality, the process can be frustrating. Here are some of the common custom coursework writing mistakes students make when writing college essays.

Sad Stories

Most students recount how they experienced difficulties in writing the college essay. Others miss https://www.sandiego.edu/directory/biography.php?profile_id=379&utm_source=directoryonebox&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=DirectoryOneBox the point when explaining the process of writing the piece. Such students lack the creativity needed to make their piece remarkable. The mistakes include:


Most students sit down and write the introduction section of their essay. Rapping is not the only technique used when writing the section. When recounting the process of writing the section, it is vital to remind the reader of the process the writer went through in the project.  

Switching Tenses

One mistake most college students make is going through the entire paper on its own. There is nothing more disheartening than reading through the entire text while picking out errors. It interrupts the flow of the entire essay and makes it hard for a student to gather confidence in the thought process.

Not Explaining Thesis Statement

Another mistake most college students make is failing to mention the thesis statement on the introduction of their essays. There is no purpose in writing a thesis statement when writing an essay. The whole scenario is a waste of precious space that a scholar should be aware of.  

Common Mistakes by College Students

The writing process is a headache for many students. Here is a roundup of common mistakes made by students when writing their college essays.

Going Beyond the Word Count

Most students write that is over two pages https://list.uvm.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0601&L=SCIENCE-FOR-THE-PEOPLE&P=22406 long without adding any new information. It is essential to understand the word count of your essay before submitting it. Ensure you carry out extensive research on the topic before writing the draft.


Many students lack the skills to identify original content for their college essays. It is not the end of the world; individuals copy and paste content they find in other places. Avoid plagiarism at all costs.  


Repetition can quickly turn your essay into a low-quality piece with the same structure and formatting. Repeating the same idea multiple times only to earn a penalty from the instructor.  

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