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150+ Funny and Witty Answers towards the concern “How have you been?” pt.2

150+ Funny and Witty Answers towards the concern “How have you been?” pt.2

” just exactly exactly How are you currently?” answer.

Surprising Responses to your Same Exact Boring Matter

  1. I’m trying very difficult in order to avoid ambiguous concerns at the minute.
  2. Wondering the way you are.
  3. How will you think i will be?
  4. I’ll leave that as much as your imagination.
  5. It really is a key.
  6. Would you like the quick or version that is long?
  7. I would personally be lying if We said I’m fine.
  8. I’m confident I’m not obligated to inform you.
  9. I’m ready for the nap. (I’m yes you might be.)
  10. Surviving, i suppose.
  11. Never as good as you.
  12. Holy sh*t, I can be seen by you?! (This never ever fails in bringing in the chuckles.)
  13. Looking for some solace.
  14. Under renovation.
  15. Recalling to remain patient.
  16. I am sober! (Congratulations!)
  17. For a scale from 1 to punching some body in the facial skin?
  18. Dancing towards the rhythm of life.
  19. Imagining myself having the perfect getaway.
  20. Terrible, given that i have met you.
  21. That you do not desire to learn.
  22. [*just stare*]
  23. This is certainly a question that is really wonderful. Ummm.
  24. Delighted and you understand it. [*clap the hands*]
  25. Next concern, please.

Clever and Original reactions to “How have you been?”

  1. So that you can answer comprehensively the question, i have to simply take you right back about a decade. Do you have got an instant?
  2. Residing a life of denial and suppressed rage.
  3. Gradually dying.
  4. Fair to partly cloudy.
  5. “Hey go over here!” [*punch individual within the throat*] (Remember children, usually do not try out this in the home.)
  6. Groovy!
  7. Well, I got this rash to my left butt cheek. (option to result in the discussion embarrassing!)
  8. Pretty good. Might be better. Could possibly be payday. Læs resten